Land Act, 1927

Labourers cottages.

39.—(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in section 7 of the Labourers (Ireland) Act, 1896, any local authority in whom is vested any cottage erected or acquired under the Labourers (Ireland) Acts, 1883 to 1919, which has ceased to be required for the purposes of those Acts, may, with the sanction of the Minister for Local Government and Public Health and subject to such conditions as he may prescribe, sell such cottage together with the land attached thereto to the Land Commission for a price payable in 4½ per cent. Land Bonds.

(2) The annual income from the Land Bonds or, if such Bonds are sold with the consent of the Minister for Local Government and Public Health, or are redeemed, then the capital sum arising from such sale or redemption shall be applied towards the repayment of any moneys borrowed and outstanding in respect of the improvement scheme in pursuance of which such cottage with any land attached thereto was provided, and if no such moneys are outstanding the annual income or the proceeds of sale or redemption of Land Bonds, as the case may be, shall be carried to the credit of the rate or fund out of which expenses under the Labourers (Ireland) Acts are defrayed.