Land Act, 1927

Provision for the recovery of arrears of purchase annuities and other payments due to the Land Commission from the occupier of lands.

28.—(1) All moneys payable to the Land Commission in respect of any lands shall be recoverable from the person in actual occupation of the lands at the time when proceedings for the recovery thereof are commenced as a personal liability of such occupier notwithstanding that the whole or part of such arrears may have accrued due before such person went into occupation of the lands.

(2) Nothing hereinbefore contained shall have the effect of relieving any other person from liability in respect of any such arrears and, as between successive owners or occupiers of the lands, all moneys paid by or recovered from an occupier in respect of arrears caused by the default of a former owner or occupier shall be recoverable by the occupier who has paid the same, or from whom the same has been recovered, as a debt due to him by the owner or occupier in default.

(3) Compounded arrears of rent and payment in lieu of rent shall be and shall be deemed to have been a charge on the holding in respect of which they are payable, having priority over all existing interests and incumbrances affecting the tenancy created either before or after the passing of this Act.

(4) The remedies given by this section to the Land Commission shall be in addition to and not in derogation of any other remedies that they already have for the recovery of any such arrears as aforesaid.

(5) A certificate purporting to be under the common seal of the Land Commission shall be evidence that every sum stated therein to be due to them is so due, and is payable by the person or persons named in such certificate as being liable therefor.