Land Act, 1927

Power to Land Commission to discontinue proceedings.

24.—Where the Land Commission shall have declared that untenanted land situate outside a congested districts county is required for the purpose of relieving congestion or of facilitating the resale of tenanted land, or that any land wherever situate which was excluded from the operation of sub-section (1) of section 24 of the Land Act, 1923 , by sub-section (2) of that section is required for the purpose of relieving congestion, or shall have commenced proceedings to resume the whole or part of a retained holding, and at any time after the passing of this Act the price or compensation has been fixed by the Judicial Commissioner, the Land Commission, if they consider that the price fixed is such as to make the purchase of the land or the resumption of the holding or part thereof inexpedient, may, on serving notice within such time as may be prescribed, withdraw from the purchase or resumption on such terms as to costs as the Judicial Commissioner may determine: Provided that if the owner shall within fourteen days after the service of such notice serve notice on the Land Commission of objection to the withdrawal stating the grounds of such objection and that the Judicial Commissioner shall consider the objection reasonable then the notice of withdrawal shall become void and of no effect. Where the Land Commission have withdrawn from the purchase or resumption, then such untenanted land or holding shall not for a period of seven years thereafter be acquired or resumed by the Land Commission with out the consent of the owner or tenant thereof.