Coroners (Amendment) Act, 1927

Inquest where body destroyed or irrecoverable.

9.—Where a coroner has reason to believe that a death has occurred in or near his district in such circumstances that an inquest ought to be held, and that, owing to the destruction of the body by fire or otherwise or to the fact that the body is lying in a place from which it cannot be recovered, an inquest cannot be held except by virtue of the provisions of this section, he may report the facts to the Minister for Justice, and the Minister for Justice may, if he considers it desirable so to do, direct an inquest to be held touching the death, and an inquest shall be held accordingly by the coroner making the report or such other coroner as the Minister for Justice may direct, and the law relating to coroners and coroners' inquests shall apply with such modifications in the procedure as may be necessary in consequence of the inquest being held otherwise than on or after view of a body lying within the coroner's district.