Coroners (Amendment) Act, 1927

Power of removal of body for post-mortem or special examination.

14.—(1) Where by the direction or at the request of a coroner a post-mortem or special examination of a body is to be made, the coroner may, subject as hereinafter provided, order the removal of the body to any place which may be provided for the purpose either within his jurisdiction or within any adjoining district in which another coroner has jurisdiction:

Provided that the coroner shall not under this section order the removal of the body to any place other than a place within his jurisdiction provided by a sanitary authority except with the consent of the person or authority by whom the place is provided.

(2) Where a coroner orders under this section the removal of a body to any place outside his jurisdiction, he may authorise the burial of the body after examination, notwithstanding that it is outside his jurisdiction, and if he does not do so he shall order the removal of the body after examination to a place within his jurisdiction.

(3) The removal of a body in pursuance of an order made by a coroner under this section to any place outside his jurisdiction shall not affect his powers and duties in relation to the body or the inquest thereon, nor shall it confer or impose any rights, powers or duties upon any other coroner.