Acquisition of Land (Allotments) Act, 1926

Certain restrictions on the compulsory acquisition of land.

5.—(1) A local authority shall not acquire compulsorily for the purposes of this Act any land which—

(a) is or forms part of a demesne, garden, or pleasure ground, or is or forms part of the home farm attached to and usually occupied with a mansion house, or is otherwise necessary for the amenity or convenience of a dwelling-house, or

(b) is held or occupied by a local authority or other incorporated body for the purposes of any railway, tramway, dock, canal, water, or other public undertaking, or

(c) is the site of an ancient monument or other object of archaeological interest.

(2) A local authority in considering the compulsory acquisition of land for the purposes of this Act shall, so far as practicable, avoid taking an undue or inconvenient quantity of land from any one owner or tenant and for that purpose shall have regard to the extent of the land held or occupied in the locality by such owner or occupier and, when considering the taking of part only of the land so held or occupied, shall have regard to the convenience, extent, and nature of the residue of such land and the size and character of the agricultural and other buildings thereon.

(3) A local authority in exercising their powers of acquiring land under this Act shall avoid so far as practicable the displacement by the exercise of such powers of any considerable number of agricultural labourers or other persons employed on or about land.