Acquisition of Land (Allotments) Act, 1926

Acquisition of land by agreement.

3.—(1) When a local authority has resolved in accordance with this Act to provide allotments under this Act such local authority may forthwith proceed to acquire by agreement land (including land required to provide means of access) within their area suitable for use as allotments and, if they are unable so to acquire any or a sufficient quantity of such land, to acquire by agreement such land outside their area.

(2) A local authority shall not acquire land under this section for any greater estate or interest than a term of five years.

(3) When a local authority is in a position to acquire by agreement under this section a reasonable quantity of land (including land required to provide means of access) suitable for allotments, such local authority shall prepare and submit to the Minister a scheme with all necessary schedules, maps, and books of reference showing the land proposed to be acquired, the persons from whom and the terms on which the land is proposed to be acquired, the works proposed to be executed on the land to make the same suitable for letting in allotments, the total amount and the particulars of the estimated cost of the provision of land for allotments pursuant to the scheme, and a statement of the rents proposed to be charged for allotments on the land.

(4) A scheme submitted by a local authority to the Minister under this section may be confirmed by the Minister if he thinks proper so to do either without alteration or with such alterations and modifications as he may think fit to make therein, and such scheme, if and when the same is so confirmed, shall be binding on the local authority and shall be carried into execution by them accordingly.