Acquisition of Land (Allotments) Act, 1926

Recovery of possession of allotments.

14.—(1) Whenever any rent for an allotment is in arrear and unpaid for one month after the same becomes due or whenever it appears to the local authority that the person to whom an allotment is let has not observed in relation to that allotment the regulations made by the local authority under this Act, the local authority may by one month's notice in writing served on the person in whom the letting of the allotment is then vested determine the letting of the allotment, and thereupon such letting shall be determined as from the expiration of such notice.

(2) Whenever the letting of an allotment has expired or been determined, the local authority may recover possession of the allotment in a court of summary jurisdiction under section 15 of the Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland) Act, 1851 , and that section shall apply accordingly wherever the allotment may be situated and whatever may be the rent at which or the term for which the allotment is let.