Court Officers Act, 1926

Nomination of court stockbrokers, court receivers, etc.

59.—(1) All such stockbrokers, receivers, auctioneers, assessors, and other persons as shall from time to time be required to be retained to render occasional services in or for any court or for any judge or officer of any court shall be nominated and retained by the Minister on such terms and conditions as he shall (subject to the sanction of the Minister for Finance in respect of any payment of remuneration out of public moneys) think proper.

(2) Every nomination and retainer made by the Minister under the foregoing sub-section may be revoked by the Minister at any time.

(3) Every nomination or retainer by whomsoever made of any such person as aforesaid which is in force at the commencement of any Part (other than this Part) of this Act in relation to any court, judge, or officer to which such Part relates may be revoked by the Minister at any time after such commencement, but unless and until such nomination or retainer is so revoked the same shall continue in force according to the terms thereof including any term relating to the duration thereof.

(4) This section shall not apply to such solicitors, doctors, visitors, and other persons as have heretofore been retained or nominated by the Chief Justice in relation to the exercise of any of the jurisdictions transferred to him by section 19 of the Courts of Justice Act, 1924 (No. 10 of 1924) and all such persons shall continue to be nominated and retained by him as heretofore.

(5) This section shall not apply to the appointment in any suit or matter by the judge or by the parties with the approval of the judge of an auctioneer, receiver, assessor, liquidator, manager, agent or other like person to render services in relation to the subject matter of such suit or matter where the appointment does not extend to any other suit or matter and either there is no person retained under this section available to render such services or the judge is of opinion that it is not expedient in the special circumstances of the case to appoint the person or any of the persons so retained.