Court Officers Act, 1926

Qualification for Registrar to the Chief Justice.

25.—No person shall be appointed under this Act to be Registrar to the Chief Justice unless at the time of his appointment he either—

(a) is a barrister of not less than ten years' standing who is then actually practising, or

(b) is a barrister who is then employed in an office established under this Part of this Act and has during the next preceding twelve years been employed in one or more of such offices or of the offices formerly attached to the High Court, the Supreme Court, the former Supreme Court of Judicature, the Chief Justice, the Lord Chancellor for Ireland or the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland or any of them, or

(c) immediately before the commencement of this Part of this Act holds the office of Registrar or of Assistant Registrar in Lunacy or the office of Chief Clerk to the Chief Justice.