Dairy Produce Act, 1924

Consultative council.

45.—(1) The Minister shall, after consultation with such bodies and persons as he may consider most representative of the several interests concerned establish by order a consultative council for giving advice and assistance to the Minister in connection with any matter in relation to the making of regulations under, or otherwise carrying into execution of, the provisions of this Act, or any other matters affecting the dairying industry.

(2) The said consultative council shall consist of such persons as the Minister after such consultation as aforesaid shall from time to time nominate to be members thereof, each of whom shall unless he previously dies or resigns, retain his membership for two years only from the date of his nomination but shall be eligible for re-nomination.

(3) The said consultative council shall meet whenever summoned by the Minister and also on such other occasions as the council may from time to time determine.

(4) Payments may be made by the Minister out of moneys to be provided by the Oireachtas to members of the said consultative council and committees thereof, to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, in respect of repayment of travelling expenses and payment of subsistence allowance.