Drainage Maintenance Act, 1924

Contribution by county councils.

5.—(1) For the purposes of so much of this Act as authorises a county council to make a contribution to the cost of works executed by the Commissioners under this Act, a county council may borrow money under Article 22 of the Local Government (Application of Enactments) Order, 1898, in like manner as if those purposes were mentioned in that article, and money borrowed for the purposes aforesaid shall not be reckoned as part of the debt of the county for the purposes of the said article.

(2) The cost of any loan borrowed under this section and the moneys for the repayment thereof and for payment of the interest thereon shall, subject to the provisions of this section, be raised by means of the poor rate as a county-at-large charge, but the county council may resolve that such cost and moneys shall, instead of being levied as a county-at-large charge, be levied as an urban charge or a district charge off any urban or rural district or districts specially benefited by the works in respect of which the loan was raised.

(3) A resolution passed by a county council pursuant to the foregoing sub-section shall not take effect unless and until confirmed by the Minister for Local Government and Public Health, but if and when confirmed, whether with or without modification, whether by way of addition or omission by that Minister such resolution as so confirmed shall take effect as on and from the date specified therein for that purpose or if no such date is so specified as from the date on which the resolution was passed by the county council.

(4) The Minister for Local Government and Public Health shall not confirm any such resolution as aforesaid until—

(a) he is satisfied that notice of the resolution was sent by the county council within one week after the passing thereof to the council of every county district affected by the resolution, and

(b) the said Minister has considered any representations made to him in regard to the resolution by any such district council within one month after the notice thereof was so sent to them.

(5) The Minister for Local Government and Public Health before confirming any such resolution may if he thinks fit hold a local inquiry in regard to such resolution and Article 32 of the Schedule to the Local Government (Application of Enactments) Order, 1898, shall apply to every such local inquiry.