Railways Act, 1924


Baronially Guaranteed Railways.

Meaning of certain expressions.

62.—In this Part of this Act—

the expression “baronially guaranteed dividends” means the dividends on the paid-up share capital of included baronial railways which at the passing of this Act are guaranteed by certain baronies or parts of baronies in Saorstát Eireann under guarantees given under the Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) Act, 1883 , or any other Act or any Order in Council made under any such Act;

the expression “guaranteeing barony” means a barony or part of a barony by which baronially guaranteed dividends are guaranteed under any guarantee given under any such Act or Order in Council as aforesaid;

the expression “included baronial railway” means a railway or section of a railway the dividends on any part of the paid-up capital of which are baronially guaranteed dividends and which is to be included (whether by amalgamation or absorption) under the provisions of this Act in the undertaking of the amalgamated company.