Railways Act, 1924

Exceptional fares.

39.—(1) The amalgamated company may charge fares below the standard fares in such circumstances as the company may think fit, but the circumstances in which such exceptional fares, if below ordinary fares, may be charged and the amount of reduction below the standard fare, shall be reported to the Minister within fourteen days, or such longer period as the Minister may allow, after the decision has been arrived at.

(2) If the Minister is of opinion that the amalgamated company has granted exceptional fares in such a manner as prejudicially to affect any other class of users of the railway, or so as to jeopardise the realisation of the standard revenue of the company, he may refer the matter to the railway tribunal, who may, after giving the parties interested an opportunity of being heard, cancel or modify all or any of the exceptional fares so granted.

Conditions of Carriage.