Railways Act, 1924

Procedure and fees.

19.—(1) The railway tribunal may, with the approval of the Minister and the Chief Justice, make general rules governing their procedure and practice and generally for carrying into effect their duties and powers under this Act, and such rules may, amongst other things, provide for—

(a) the awarding of costs by the tribunal, but so that in proceedings under this Act before the railway tribunal at the instance of any company or person, other than disputes between two or more railway companies, the tribunal shall not have power to award costs unless they are of opinion that either the application or claim or complaint or defence or objection, as the case may be, is frivolous and vexatious;

(b) the reference of any question to a member or officer of the tribunal, or any other person appointed by them, for report after holding an inquiry locally;

(c) enabling the tribunal to dispose of any proceedings before them, notwithstanding that in the course of the proceedings there has been a change in the persons sitting as members of the tribunal;

(d) the right of audience before the tribunal, provided that any party shall be entitled to be heard in person, or by a representative in the regular employment of the party duly authorised in writing, or by counsel or solicitor;

(e) the number of members of the tribunal who shall form a quorum for the hearing of different classes of cases.

(2) There shall be charged by the railway tribunal and paid in respect of proceedings before them and in respect of acts done by them or any of their officers in the execution of their respective powers and duties such fees as shall be prescribed by orders made by the Minister on the recommendation of the railway tribunal and with the sanction of the Minister for Finance.

(3) The Minister shall give to the railway tribunal such assistance as the tribunal may require, and shall place at the disposal of the tribunal any information in his possession which he may think relevant to the matter before the tribunal, and the Minister shall be entitled to appear and be heard in any proceedings before the tribunal.

(4) The railway tribunal shall annually make a report to the Minister of their proceedings under this Act, including reports of such of the cases heard and decided by them as appear to them to be of permanent or special importance, and the Minister shall lay such report before each House of the Oireachtas.