Railways Act, 1924


Establishment of Railway Tribunal.

Constitution of the railway tribunal.

13.—(1) There shall be established a court styled the Railway Tribunal consisting of three standing members, that is to say, a chairman and two ordinary members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Executive Council.

(2) Each of the standing members of the railway tribunal shall be appointed and hold office for five years and shall then retire, but shall be eligible for reappointment.

(3) A standing member of the railway tribunal may resign his office at any time.

(4) A standing member of the railway tribunal may only be removed from his office by a resolution passed by Dáil Eireann and by Seanad Eireann for incapacity or misbehaviour stated in such resolution.

(5) The railway tribunal shall be a court of record and shall have an official seal, which shall be officially and judicially noticed, and the railway tribunal may act notwithstanding a vacancy in its number.