Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1924

Acquisition of derelict premises by the Corporation.

7.—(1) At any time after the expiration of two years from the passing of this Act if it appears to the Minister on the application of the Corporation that either—

(a) the re-building or restoration of a house or building destroyed or damaged in the course of the recent disturbances, or

(b) the removal of a building or the erection of a new building or any reconstruction or alteration of a building required by an order of the Minister made under the provisions of section 4 of this Act,

has not been commenced, or, although commenced, has been discontinued, the Minister may, unless he is satisfied that the rebuilding or restoration will be completed within a reasonable time, make an order directing that the Corporation shall sell all or any of the interests in the site of such house or building by public auction and that the Corporation may, if they receive an offer for such site which the Minister and they consider satisfactory, convey the interests so sold to the purchaser subject to an obligation to erect a suitable building upon the said site within two years after the date of such conveyance.

(2) The purchase money produced by such sale shall be lodged to the credit of the Accountant-General for Saorstát Eireann in the Bank of Ireland and may be withdrawn by the persons entitled to the interests so sold in the same manner as money lodged in court under the Lands Clauses Acts may be withdrawn, save that no costs shall be payable by the Corporation in respect of the withdrawal of such money.

(3) Applications to the Minister by the Corporation under this section shall be made in such manner and after publication and service of such notices as may be prescribed by the Minister, and before making an order under this section the Minister shall consider any objections which may be made thereto by any persons interested in the site.

(4) Section 5 of the Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916, is hereby repealed, and the provisions of this section shall apply in substitution therefor to every house, building and site to which that section would have applied if it had not been repealed save that for the purpose of such application the passing of the said Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916, shall be substituted for the passing of this Act.