Licensing (Renewal of Licences) Act, 1923

Licences to which this Act applies.

4.—This Act shall, subject to the proviso annexed to this section, apply to every licence for the sale of any class or classes of intoxicating liquor (whether on or off the premises) which at any time after the 1st day of January, 1919, and before the passing of this Act was not renewed and in respect of which it is shown to the satisfaction of a District Court that such non-renewal was solely due to one or more of the following reasons, namely:—

(a) because no annual Licensing Petty Sessions were held in the county or county borough in which the licensed premises were situate; or

(b) because there was no Justice of the Peace or an insufficient number of Justices of the Peace for such county or county borough qualified to give the certificates requisite for the renewal of the licence; or

(c) because the holder of such licence refrained from applying for a renewal of the licence solely on account of his adherence to political principles inconsistent with a recognition of the annual Licensing Petty Sessions as a competent authority to grant licences or renewals of licences; or

(d) because by reason of the destruction of the licensed premises or for some other cause beyond the control of the licence-holder, the licensed premises had not been opened for the sale of intoxicating liquor for a period of twelve months:

Provided always that this Act shall not apply to any such licence as aforesaid unless or until all excise duties payable for or in respect of such licence since the last renewal thereof (subject to such allowances, refunds, and rebates as are allowable by law) have been, or shall within one month after the passing of this Act be, duly paid.