Enforcement of Law (Occasional Powers) Act, 1923.

Service of civil bills and jurors summonses may be deemed good.

14.—(1) Any County Court Judge may deem any document to which this section applies to have been validly served notwithstanding that same was not served in the manner required by the law in force at the passing of this Act if the County Court Judge is satisfied—

(a) that it was not reasonably possible to effect service of such document in the manner required by the law aforesaid; and

(b) that such document or a copy thereof or reasonable notice of such document and of the contents thereof did in fact reach the person required to be served therewith.

(2) This section applies—

(a) to all civil bills, whether ordinary, title, equity or otherwise;

(b) to all documents summoning or requiring the attendance of grand jurors, special jurors or common jurors, whether for criminal or civil business at any Court of Quarter Sessions or Civil Bill Court.

(3) In this section the expression “County Court Judge” includes a Recorder and the Judge of a Borough.