Defence Forces (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923

Punishments which may be summarily awarded to a non-commissioned officer.

81.—Where a non-commissioned officer is charged with any of the offences mentioned in Section 80 of this Act, the Commanding Officer of the accused may, if satisfied as to the guilt of the accused, summarily award any of the punishments following:—

(1) In the case of offences other than drunkenness, fine not exceeding £5.

(2) Fines in cases of drunkenness not on duty as follows:—

First offence


Second offence


Third offence


Fourth and every subsequent offence


(3) Deprivation of acting rank.

(4) Severe reprimand.

(5) Reprimand.

(6) In addition to or without any other punishment, any deduction from ordinary pay authorised by this Act to be made by a Commanding Officer.