Electoral Act, 1923

Use of schools and public rooms.

30.—(1) The returning officer at any election may use, free of charge, for the purpose of taking the poll at such election, any room in a school receiving a grant out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas, and any room the expense of maintaining which is payable out of any local rate, and may defray any expenses incurred by the person or body of persons, corporate or incorporate, having control over the same on account of its being used for the purpose of taking the poll as aforesaid.

(2) Wherever no such room as is mentioned in the foregoing sub-section is available, the returning officer shall hire a building or room for the purpose of taking the poll.

(3) A candidate at any election shall be entitled, for the purpose, of holding a public meeting in furtherance of his candidature, to the use at reasonable times between the receipt of a writ for the election and the day of the poll of a suitable room in any public elementary school situated within the constituency for which he is a candidate:

Provided that this sub-section shall not authorise the use of any room used as part of a private dwellinghouse nor authorise any interference with the school hours of an elementary day or evening school:

Provided also that a charge may be made to cover any actual and necessary expenses incurred by the local education authority, or by the managers of the school, in respect of the preparation of the room before the meeting for the purposes of the meeting, and after the meeting for school purposes, and for heating, lighting, and cleaning the room.

(4) If by reason of the use of any room under sub-section 1 or 3 of this section any damage is done to such room, or to the building of which it forms part, or to the furniture, fitting or apparatus in or of such room or building, the damage shall be defrayed by the returning officer or by the person by whom or on whose behalf the meeting is convened as the case may be.

(5) The use of any room in an unoccupied house for the purpose of taking a poll shall not render any person liable to be rated or to pay any rate for such house.

(6) A person having charge of a school adjoining or adjacent to, or forming part of a church or a convent or other religious establishment may, within twenty-four hours after receiving notice from the returning officer or a candidate of an intention to use such school or any part thereof for the purposes of this section, object to such use by sending a statement of such objection to the returning officer. Any objection made under this sub-section may, on the application of the returning officer, be over-ruled by the Minister for Local Government if he thinks it right so to do, but unless and until such objection is so over-ruled no part of the school referred to in such objection may be used under this section by the returning officer or any candidate.