Electoral Act, 1923

The counting of the votes.

27.—(1) After the close of the poll the ballot boxes shall be sealed up so as to prevent the introduction of additional ballot papers, and shall be taken charge of by the returning officer, and that officer shall, in the presence of such agents, if any, of the candidates as may be in attendance, open the ballot boxes and ascertain the result of the poll in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the Schedules hereto, and the rules and regulations made hereunder, and shall forthwith declare to be elected the candidates or candidate who are or is ascertained in manner aforesaid to be elected and return their or his names or name to the Clerk of the Dáil.

(2) The decision of the returning officer as to any question arising in respect of any ballot paper at the counting of the votes shall be final subject to reversal on petition questioning the election or return.