Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910

Payment of duties on motor spirit and motor car licences to road improvement account.

9 Edw. 7. c. 47.

90.(1) There shall be charged on and paid out of the Consolidated Fund or the growing produce thereof a sum (in this Act referred to as the road improvement grant) equal to the net proceeds of the duties on motor spirit and the net proceeds of the duties on licences for motor cars which are affected by this Act.

(2) The road improvement grant shall be carried to a separate account to be established under regulations made by the Treasury for the purpose, and, subject to such regulations as may be made by the Treasury with respect to accounts and accumulation of moneys standing to the account, be administered and applied in manner provided by the Development and Road Improvement Funds Act, 1909.

(3) The expression “ the net proceeds of the duties ” means the amount of those duties paid into the Exchequer, after deducting such sums as are certified by the Commissioners to be the cost of collecting the duties, and after deducting in the case of duties payable on licences for motor cars any sum which is payable to any local taxation account in respect of the proceeds of those duties, or to any council in respect of any deficiency in the proceeds of those duties.