Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910

Exemption for land held by rating authorities.

35.(1) No duty under this Part of this Act shall be charged in respect of any land or interest in land held by or on behalf of a rating authority, or any statutory combination representative of two or more local or rating authorities, and any increment value duty in respect of any such land which would have been collected from the authority (whether on the occasion of the transfer on sale of the land, or any interest in the land, or the grant of a lease of the land, or on the periodical occasions provided in this Act) shall, for the purposes of the provisions of this Act as to the collection of increment value duty, be deemed to have been paid.

(2) For the purposes of this section the expression “rating authority” means any body who have power to raise a rate or administer money raised by a rate; and the expression “rate” means a rate the proceeds of which are applicable to public local purposes, and which is leviable on the basis of an assessment in respect of the yearly value of property, and includes any sum which, though obtained in the first instance by a precept, certificate, or other instrument, requiring payment from some authority or officer, is or can be ultimately raised out of a rate as before defined.