Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910

Recovery of reversion duty.

48 & 49 Vict. c. 51.

15.(1) Reversion duty shall be recoverable from any lessor to whom any benefit accrues from the determination of a lease as a debt due to His Majesty, but shall rank pari passu with all other debts due from such lessor.

(2) Every lessor shall, on the determination of a lease on the determination of which reversion duty is payable under this section, deliver an account to the Commissioners setting forth the particulars of the land and the estimated value of the benefit accruing to the lessor by the determination of the lease.

(3) If any person who is under an obligation to deliver an account under this section knowingly fails to deliver such an account within the period of three months after the determination of the lease, he shall be liable to pay to His Majesty a sum not exceeding ten per cent. upon the amount of any duty payable under this section, and a like penalty for every three months after the first month during which the failure continues.

(4) Section seventeen of the Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1885 (which relates to the power to assess duty according to accounts rendered, and to obtain other accounts), shall apply with respect to any account delivered under this section (with the exception of any provisions relating to appeals).

Undeveloped Land Duty.