Irish Land Act, 1909

Provisions consequential on transfer of powers and duties.

50.(1) Where any powers and duties are transferred by this Part of this Act from one authority to another authority—

(i) all property, whether real or personal (including easements and rights and things in action), held by or in trust for or vested in the first authority for the purpose or by virtue of those powers and duties, shall without any conveyance or assurance pass to and vest in the other authority, subject to all debts and liabilities affecting the same; and

(ii) the latter authority shall hold the property for the estate, interest, and purposes, and subject to the covenants, conditions, and restrictions, for and subject to which the property would have been held if this Act had not passed, so far as the same are not modified by or in pursuance of this Act; and

(iii) all debts and liabilities of the first authority incurred by virtue of those powers and duties shall become debts and liabilities of the latter authority; and

(iv) in any proceedings relating to those powers and duties, and pending at the time of the transfer to which the first authority is a party, the latter authority shall be substituted for the first authority, and the proceedings shall not abate by reason of the substitution; and

(v) any reference to the first authority in any enactment, order, instrument, contract, or other document, in relation to those powers or duties, shall, so far as is necessary for the exercise of those powers or the discharge of those duties, be construed as a reference to the latter authority.

(2) The expression “authority” in this section means the Congested Districts Board, the Department, and the trustees of the Congested Districts Board.