Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1907

Byelaws as to sea-shore.

82. The local authority for the prevention of danger, obstruction, or annoyance to persons using the sea-shore may make and enforce byelaws to—

(1) Regulate the erection or placing on the sea-shore, or on such part or parts thereof as may be prescribed by such byelaws, of any booths, tents, sheds, stands, and stalls (whether fixed or movable), or vehicles for the sale or exposure of any article or thing, or any shows, exhibitions, performances, swings, roundabouts, or other erections, vans, photographic carts, or other vehicles, whether drawn or propelled by animals, persons or any mechanical power, and the playing of any games on the seashore, and generally regulate the user of the seashore for such purposes as shall be prescribed by such byelaws;

(2) Regulate the user of the seashore for riding and driving;

(3) Regulate the selling and hawking of any article, commodity, or thing on the seashore;

(4) Provide for the preservation of order and good conduct among persons using the seashore. Provided that no byelaws affecting the foreshore below high-water mark shall come into operation until the consent of the Board of Trade has been obtained.