Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896

Provision for agreements by landlords and tenants in certain cases.

17.(1) The landlord and tenant of any holding may at any time (whether a statutory term is current in respect of the holding or not) agree in the prescribed manner, and subject to the prescribed rules and conditions, in regard to all or any of the matters following:—

(a) the consolidation of the holding with any other holding or portion of a holding or the making of any addition to the holding;

(b) the partition or division of the holding;

(c) the assignment or surrender of portion of the holding;

(d) the creation of a present tenancy in the holding;

(e) the abridgment of any statutory term in the holding; and

(f) the fair rent of the holding and the date at which the statutory term is to commence and the duration thereof.

(2) Where any such agreement is made the tenancy in the holding shall (in the absence of a provision in the agreement to the contrary) as and from the date of the agreement be a present tenancy.

(3) Any such agreement on being filed in the prescribed manner with the Land Commission shall have the same effect and consequences in all respects as if the matters agreed to therein had been determined by the Land Commission, and the Land Commission had power to determine the same.

(4) The said conditions shall, in the case of an agreement made by a limited owner or a mortgagor or mortgagee in possession, include such conditions as may be prescribed to protect the interests of the person entitled on the cesser of the interest or possession of such limited owner, mortgagor, or mortgagee.