Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

Annual survey of passenger steamers.

271.(1) Every passenger steamer which carries more than twelve passengers shall—

(a) be surveyed once at least in each year in the manner provided in this Part of this Act; and

(b) shall not ply or proceed to sea or on any voyage or excursion with any passengers on board, unless the owner or master has the certificate from the Board of Trade as to survey under this Part of this Act, the same being in force, and applicable to the voyage or excursion on which the steamer is about to proceed.

(2) A passenger steamer attempting to ply or go to sea may be detained until such certificate as aforesaid is produced to the proper officer of customs.

(3) Provided that, while a steamer is an emigrant ship and the provisions of this Part of this Act as to the survey of the hull machinery and equipments of emigrant ships have been complied with, she shall not require a survey or certificate under this section.