Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

Part I.


Qualification for owning British Ships.

Qualification for owning British Ship.

1. A ship shall not be deemed to be a British ship unless owned wholly by persons of the following description (in this Act referred to as persons qualified to be owners of British ships); namely,—

(a) Natural-born British subjects:

(b) Persons naturalized by or in pursuance of an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, or by or in pursuance of an Act or ordinance of the proper legislative authority in a British possession:

(c) Persons made denizens by letters of denization; and

(d) Bodies corporate established under and subject to the laws of some part of Her Majesty’s dominions, and having their principal place of business in those dominions:

Provided that any person who either—

(i) being a natural-born British subject has taken the oath of allegiance to a foreign sovereign or state or has otherwise become a citizen or subject of a foreign state; or

(ii) has been naturalized or made a denizen as aforesaid;

shall not be qualified to be owner of a British ship unless, after taking the said oath, or becoming a citizen or subject of a foreign state, or on or after being naturalized or made denizen as aforesaid, he has taken the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, and is during the time he is owner of the ship either resident in Her Majesty’s dominions, or partner in a firm actually carrying on business in Her Majesty’s dominions.

Obligation to register British Ships.