Conveyance of Mails Act, 1893


36 & 37 Vict. c. 48.

45 & 46 Vict. c. 74.

27 & 28 Vict. c. 121.

53 & 54 Vict. c. 52.

5.(1) In this Act—

The expression “mails” has the same meaning as in the Regulation of Railways Act, 1873, and includes parcels within the meaning of the Post Office (Parcels) Act, 1882:

The expression “Act” means any Act of Parliament whether public general, local and personal, or private, and includes any order confirmed by any such Act, and a certificate granted by the Board of Trade under the Railways Construction Facilities Act, 1864, and an Order in Council made by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland under the Tramways (Ireland) Acts, 1860 to 1891, or the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1890:

The expression “tramway” means a tramway authorised by an Act to be constructed wholly along public roads or streets without any deviation therefrom:

The expression “tramroad” means any tramroad or tramway which is not a tramway as herein-before defined, and includes a tramway or light railway constructed under the Tramways (Ireland) Acts, 1860 to 1891, or the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1890.

(2) A railway, tramway, or tramroad shall be deemed to be authorised by an Act passed after the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, where the construction of the railway, tramway, or tramroad is first authorised, or where the time for its construction is extended, by an Act passed after the date aforesaid.