Regulation of Railways Act, 1889

Power to order certain provisions to be made for public safety.

1.(1) The Board of Trade may from time to time order a railway company to do, within a time limited by the order, and subject to any exceptions or modifications allowed by the order, any of the following things:—

(a) To adopt the block system on all or any of their railways open for the public conveyance of passengers;

(b) To provide for the interlocking of points and signals on or in connexion with all or any of such railways;

(c) To provide for and use on all their trains carrying passengers continuous brakes complying with the following requirements, namely:—

(i) The brake must be instantaneous in action, and capable of being applied by the engine-driver and guards;

(ii) The brake must be self-applying in the event of any failure in the continuity of its action;

(iii) The brake must be capable of being applied to every vehicle of the train, whether carrying passengers or not;

(iv) The brake must be in regular use in daily working;

(v) The materials of the brake must be of a durable character, and easily maintained and kept in order.

In making any order under this section the Board of Trade shall have regard to the nature and extent of the traffic on the railway, and shall, before making any such order, hear any company or person whom the Board of Trade may consider entitled to be heard.