Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881

Provisions as to existing leases.

33 & 34 Vict. c. 46.

21. Any leases or other contracts of tenancies existing at the date of the passing of this Act, except yearly tenancies and tenancies less than yearly tenancies, which said existing leases and contracts of tenancies (except as aforesaid) are in this section referred to as existing leases, shall remain in force to the same ertent as if this Act had not passed, and holdings subject to such existing leases shall be regulated by the lawful provisions contained in the said leases, and not by the provisions relating to tenancies in that behalf contained in this Act: Provided that at the expiration of such existing leases, or of such of them as shall expire within sixty years after the passing of this Act, the lessees, if bonâ fide in occupation of their holdings, shall be deemed to be tenants of present ordinary tenancies from year to year, at the rents and subject to the conditions of their leases respectively, so far as such conditions are applicable to tenancies from year to year; but this provision shall not apply where a reversionary lease of the holding has been bonâ fide made before the passing of this Act: and provided also that where it shall appear to the satisfaction of the court that the landlord desires to resume the holding for the bonâ fide purpose of occupying the same as a residence for himself, or as a home farm in connexion with his residence, or for the purpose of providing a residence for some member of his family, the court may authorise him to resume the same accordingly, in the manner and on the terms provided by the fifth section of this Act with respect to the resumption of a holding by a landlord: Provided always, that if the holding so resumed shall be at any time within fifteen years after such resumption re-let to a tenant, the same shall be subject, from and after the time of its being so re-let, to all the provisions of this Act which are applicable to present tenancies.

On the termination of any such existing lease in any holding which if it had been held from year to year would have been subject to the Ulster tenant-right custom, or any usage corresponding therewith, the person who would have been entitled to make a claim under the first or second section of the Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1870, in respect of the same holding shall be entitled to do so notwithstanding that the holding was held under any such lease, but this proviso shall not apply to leases in which there is contained a provision expressly excluding the Ulster tenant-right custom or a usage corresponding therewith.

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Extent of Power to contract out of Act.