Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881

Limited administration for purposes of sale.

14. The court on being satisfied that the tenant of any holding within the jurisdiction of the court has died, and that the tenancy of such tenant ought to be sold under this Act, and that there is no legal personal representative of such tenant, or no legal personal representative whose services are available for the purpose of selling the tenancy, may, on such terms and conditions, if any, as they may think fit, appoint any proper person to be administrator of the deceased tenant, limited to the purposes of such sale, and such limited administrator shall, for the purpose of selling the tenancy, represent the deceased tenant in the same manner as if the tenant had died intestate, and administrationhad been duly granted to such limited administrator of all the personal estate and effects of the deceased tenant.

Such limited administrator shall pay to the landlord, out of the purchase money, any sums due to the landlord by the deceased tenant in respect of his tenancy, and may pay the residue of the purchase money to a general administrator (if any) or into court.