Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881

Conditions of fixed tenancy.

12. A fixed tenancy shall be a tenancy held upon such conditions as may be agreed upon between the landlord and tenant establishing such tenancy, and in the case of a landlord who is a limited owner the court shall approve after considering the interest of all persons entitled to any estate or interest in the holding subsequent to the estate or interest of such limited owner, subject to the following restrictions; that is to say,

(1.) The tenant shall pay a fee-farm rent which may or may not be subject to re-valuation by the court at such intervals of not less than fifteen years as may be agreed upon between the landlord and tenant, the rent on any such re-valuation being such as the court, after hearing the parties, and having regard to the interests of the landlord and tenant respectively, and considering all the circumstances of the case, holding, and district, shall determine to be fair; and

(2.) The tenant shall not be compelled to quit his holding except on breach of some one or more of the conditions in this Act declared to be statutory conditions.