Employers and Workmen Act, 1875

Jurisdiction of justices in disputes between employers and workmen.

4. A dispute under this Act between an employer and a workman may be heard and determined by a court of summary jurisdiction, and such court, for the purposes of this Act, shall be deemed to be a court of civil jurisdiction, and in a proceeding in relation to any such dispute the court may order payment of any sum which it may find to be due as wages, or damages, or otherwise, and may exercise all or any of the powers by this Act conferred on a county court: Provided that in any proceeding in relation to any such dispute the court of summary jurisdiction—

(1.) Shall not exercise any jurisdiction where the amount claimed exceeds ten pounds; and,

(2.) Shall not make an order for the payment of any sum exceeding ten pounds, exclusive of the costs incurred in the case; and,

(3.) Shall not require security to an amount exceeding ten pounds from any defendant or his surety or sureties.