Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1872

In certain cases where advances made for purchase of a holding notwithstanding forfeiture, Board may proceed to a sale.

2.[1] In every case in which an advance shall be made after the passing of this Act for the purchase of a holding under the provisions of this or the principal Act, notwithstanding the provisions as to forfeiture in the said principal Act contained, the Board shall have power to sell the holding or any part thereof, and to convey the same to a purchaser, in the event of such holding, or any part thereof, having been alienated, assigned, subdivided, or sublet without the consent of the Board while any portion of the annuity remained unpaid; and the Board may sell the said holding, or any part thereof, by public auction, due notice being given by the Board of the time, place, terms and conditions of such sale; and the Board shall apply the proceeds derived from such sale in the first instance to the payment of all moneys due on foot of such annuity, and in redemption of so much of the said annuity as shall at the time of such sale remain charged on said holding, and of all costs and expenses incurred by the said Board in relation to such sale, or otherwise in respect of such holding, and shall pay the balance to the person entitled by law to receive the same.

[1 Rep. 44 & 45 Vict. c. 49. s. 30. so far as relates to holdings in respect of which a declaration has been made under that section.]