Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1870

Exemption of certain lands.

15. No compensation shall be payable under the preceding provisions of this Act in respect of—

(1.) Any demesne land, or any holding ordinarily termed “townparks” adjoining or near to any city or town which shall bear an increased value as accommodation land over and above the ordinary letting value of land occupied as a farm, and shall be in the occupation of a person living in such city or town, or the suburbs thereof, or any holding let to be used wholly or mainly for the purpose of pasture, and valued under the Acts relating to the valuation of property in Ireland at an annual value of not less than fifty pounds, or any holding let to be used wholly or mainly for the purposes of pasture the tenant of which does not actually reside on the same, unless such holding adjoins or is ordinarily used with the holding on which such tenant actually resides: Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the tenant of any such holding making any claim which he otherwise would be entitled to make under sections four, five, and seven of this Act; or

(2.) Any holding which the tenant holds by reason of his being a hired labourer or hired servant; or

(3.) Any letting in conacre or for the purposes of agistment or for temporary depasturage; or

(4.) Any holding let and expressed in the document by which it is let to be so let for the temporary convenience or to meet a temporary necessity either of the landlord or tenant, and the letting of which has determined by reason of the cause having ceased which gave rise to the letting:

(5.) Any cottage allotment not exceeding a quarter of an acre.

Proceedings in respect of Claims.