Matrimonial Causes and Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1870

Amendment of section 3. of 26 & 27 Vict. c. 27.

41. Section three of the Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1863, shall be amended in manner following; (that is to say,)

Where the marriage is intended to be contracted in the office of the registrar, and where there is not any minister of the church, chapel, or place of public worship which the parties to the marriage, or either of them, usually attend, and where the parties to the marriage are not Jews or members of the Society of Friends, the registrar shall proceed as follows: he shall cause a copy of the notice given to him to be published, at the expense of the parties intending marriage, once at least in two consecutive weeks next after he has received such notice in some newspaper circulating in the district in which such marriage is intended, or if there is not any newspaper circulating in such district, then in some newspaper circulating in the county in which such district is situate; any registrar neglecting or refusing to publish such notice in manner aforesaid shall be liable to a penalty of forty pounds, recoverable in like manner as penalties under the said Act.