Exchequer and Audit Departments Act, 1866

Banks at which accountants are to keep public moneys, &c.

18. The Treasury may from time to time determine at what banks accountants shall keep the public moneys entrusted to them, and they may also determine what accounts so opened in the names of public officers or accountants in the books of the Bank of England, of the Bank of Ireland, or of any other bank, shall be deemed public accounts; and on the death, resignation, or removal of any such public officers or accountants the balances remaining at the credit of such accounts shall, upon the appointment of their successors, unless otherwise directed by law, vest in and be transferred to the public accounts of such successors at the said Banks, and shall not, in the event of the death of any such public officers or accountants, constitute assets of the deceased, or be in any manner subject to the control of their legal representatives.