Revenue (No. 1) Act, 1864

Grant of duties as specified in schedules annexed.

1. [2] There shall be charged, collected, and paid, for the use of Her Majesty, the several rates and duties of       .      .      .      excise      .      .      .      specified and contained in the several schedules marked respectively      .      .      .      (B),      .      .      .      to this Act annexed; and the said rates, duties [and drawbacks]    .    .      shall continue to be charged, collected, paid, and allowed respectively until Parliament shall otherwise order; and the said several schedules shall be deemed to be part of this Act.

[2 S. 1 is rep., so far as it relates to schedules (A.), (C.), and (D.), 38 & 39 Vict. c 66. (S.L.R.)]