Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1863

Registration of places of public worship on application of trustee, &c.

12. Any trustee or owner of a separate building (not being a church or chapel belonging to the United Church of England and Ireland) used as a place of public worship by any church, denomination, or body of Protestant Christians, or any officiating minister of any such place of public worship, may certify in writing, signed by him, to the Registrar General, that such building is so used, and shall at the same time deliver to the Registrar General a certificate signed by ten householders at the least that such building has been used by them during one year at least as their usual place of public worship, and that they are desirous that such place should be registered; and such trustee, owner, or minister shall countersign such certificate. On the receipt of such certificates the Registrar General shall register such place of public worship in the general registry office, and shall send a certificate of such registration to the person certifying, and to the registrar of the district in which such place of public worship shall be situated, who shall keep the same with the other records of his office; the Registrar General shall also give public notice of such registration by advertisement in the Dublin Gazette, and in a newspaper circulating in the county where the place of public worship is situate. For every such entry, certificate, and publication the Registrar General shall receive, at the time of delivery to him of the certificates, the sum of one pound.