Post Office Savings Bank Act, 1863

As to transfer of accounts of minors.

24 Vict. c. 14.

1.[2] In the case of the accounts of minors, or of accounts standing in the names of a minor and any other party, either in a Post Office savings bank or in a savings bank established under the laws relating to savings banks, the Postmaster General in the one case, and the trustees of the savings bank in the other, on the application in writing of the parent or other relative of the minor if under seven years of age, and of the minor himself if above that age, and also of the other party, if any, in whose name the account may stand, shall issue a certificate for the transfer of such account, and of all money standing to the credit of such account, according to the provisions of the Post Office Savings Bank Act, 1861, section ten, anything in the rules of any savings bank notwithstanding; and such account so transferred shall be opened in the Post Office savings bank or other savings bank to which the transfer is made in the name of such party, if any, and of the minor, or in the name of the minor alone, as the case may be ; and the receipt of the party or parties making such application and receiving such transfer certificate shall be a sufficient discharge to the Postmaster-General and to such trustees; but the money so transferred shall not be withdrawn, except with the consent of the Postmaster-General, or of any two trustees or managers of the savings bank to which the transfer is made, until the minor shall have attained the age at which it might have been withdrawn under the rules of the savings bank from which it was transferred, a note whereof shall be made on the said certificate.

[2] S. 1 is extended to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, 50 & 51 Vict. c. 40. s. 13.