Post Office Savings Bank Act, 1861

Entry, &c. of deposit, and evidence of title of depositor.

Limit of deposits.

2. Every deposit received by any officer of the Postmaster General appointed for that purpose shall be entered by him at the time in the depositor's book, and the entry shall be attested by him and by the dated stamp of his office; and the amount of such deposit shall upon the day of such receipt be reported by such officer to the Postmaster General; and the acknowledgment of the Postmaster General, signified by the officer whom he shall appoint for the purpose, shall be forthwith transmitted to the depositor, and the said acknowledgment shall be conclusive evidence of his claim to the repayment thereof, with the interest thereon, upon demand made by him on the Postmaster General; and, in order to allow a reasonable time for the receipt of the said acknowledgment, the entry by the proper officer in the depositor's book shall also be conclusive evidence of title for ten days from the lodgment of the deposit; and if the said acknowledgment shall not have been received by the depositor through the post within ten days, and he shall, before or upon the expiry thereof, demand the said acknowledgment from the Postmaster General, then the entry in his book shall be conclusive evidence of title during another term of ten days, and toties quoties: Provided always, that such deposits shall not be of less amount than one shilling, nor of any sum not a multiple thereof.