Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment Act, Ireland 1860

Civil bill ejectment in case of overholding of tenements at rent of under one hundred pounds.

72. If any tenant of any lands holden at a rent not exceeding the rate of one hundred pounds per annum shall neglect or refuse to give possession of the same after the determination of his interest either by notice to quit or otherwise, it shall be lawful for such landlord to proceed by civil bill ejectment against such tenant and such other person, if any, as shall be in the actual possession of the said premises . . . and thereupon to serve with civil bill process such tenant or other persons, and in the like manner as herein-before required in cases of ejectment for nonpayment of rent, requiring such persons to appear to answer the bill of the said landlord, praying to be put into possession thereof; and it shall be lawful for the chairman, upon such civil bill, and proof of the service or affixing of such process in manner aforesaid, and that the premises had been holden of the said landlord by the tenant, or the person under whom the party in possession derives, at a rent not exceeding the rate of one hundred pounds per annum, and that the interest of such tenant has ended or determined by efflux of time, notice to quit, or otherwise, to decree the said landlord to be put into the possession of the said premises.