Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment Act, Ireland 1860

Subletting contrary to agreement to be void.

18. When any lease has been or shall be made containing an agreement against subletting or against letting in conacre, the benefit of which has not been waived before the first day of June one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, it shall not be lawful for the tenant to sublet the said lands or any part thereof, or, in case of an agreement against letting in conacre, to let the same in conacre, without the express consent in writing of the landlord or of his agent thereto lawfully authorized, testified by his being a party to the instrument of sub-lease, or by an indorsement on or subscription of such instrument, or by a note in writing signed by such landlord or his agent; and no receipt of rent by any landlord or his agent shall be deemed to be a waiver of any such agreement against subletting.