Refreshment Houses (Ireland) Act, 1860

Sub-inspector, &c. may object to the granting of such wine licence.

14. The sub-inspector of the district, or in his absence the head constable, or, if in the police district of Dublin Metropolis, the superintendent of police of the division, shall be and is hereby authorized to object to the granting of such wine licence before any justice or justices at petty sessions, or any divisional justice or justices, on one or more of the grounds of objection herein-before mentioned; and such justice or justices respectively shall then, or at some other convenient time to be appointed, proceed to consider, examine on oath into, and adjudicate upon the truth, sufficiency, and validity of any such objection; and if such justice or justices respectively shall be thereupon satisfied of the validity of any such objection, he or they shall by order in writing, to be duly entered by the clerk, refuse to allow such licence to be issued, and therein declare the grounds of such refusal: Provided always, that no such notice of objection shall be signed by such justice or justices until after they respectively shall have summoned the applicant for such licence to show cause, and shall have heard him against the objection to the granting thereof, or he shall have refused or neglected to attend before him or them respectively pursuant to such summons; and every such summons shall specify the grounds of such objection; and it shall be lawful for such justice or justices respectively, pending their decision upon any such objection as aforesaid, and before the expiration of the said period of thirty days, to transmit to the said supervisor a notice by way of caveat against the granting such licence, and in that case the licence shall not be granted, if within the further period of thirty days from the receipt of such caveat the objection to the granting of the licence shall be affirmed by the said justice or justices, and notice thereof shall be given to the said supervisor.