Superannuation Act, 1859

Ordinary rate of superannuation allowance.

2. Subject to the exceptions and provisions herein-after contained, the superannuation allowance to be granted after the commencement of this Act to persons who shall have served in an established capacity in the permanent Civil Service of the State, whether their remuneration be computed by day pay, weekly wages, or annual salary, and for whom provision shall not otherwise have been made by Act of Parliament, or who may not be specially excepted by the authority of Parliament, shall be as follows; (that is to say,)

To any person who shall have served ten years and upwards, and under eleven years, an annual allowance of ten sixtieths of the annual salary and emoluments of his office:

For eleven years, and under twelve years, an annual allowance of eleven sixtieths of such salary and emoluments:

And in like manner a further addition to the annual allowance of one sixtieth in respect of each additional year of such service, until the completion of a period of service of forty years, when the annual allowance of forty sixtieths may be granted; and no addition shall be made in respect of any service beyond forty years:

Provided always, that if any question should arise in any department of the public service as to the claim of any person or class of persons for superannuation under this clause, it shall be referred to the Treasury, whose decision shall be final.