Four Courts (Dublin) Extension Act, 1858

Construction of Terms.

I. In the Construction of this Act the following Words and Expressions, if not inconsistent with the Context, shall have the Meaning herein-after assigned to them; (that is to say,)

The Word “Commissioners” shall mean the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, or any Two of them:

“Lord Lieutenant” shall mean the Chief Governor or Governors of Ireland for the Time being:

“Lands and Houses” or “Lands” shall mean and include Grounds, Houses, Tenements, Messuages, and Hereditaments, and the Ground and Soil of such Streets, Courts, Alleys, Ways, Paths, or Passages as are authorized to be stopped up or enclosed under the Provisions of this Act, and all Public and Private Rights and Privileges in, over, or upon the same:

“Lease” shall include an Agreement for a Lease:

“Party” shall extend to and include the Commissioners.