Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854

Power to impound stray Cattle.

Power to sell stray Cattle for Penalty and Expenses.

LXXI. If any Cattle be at any Time found at large in any Street of the Town without any Person having the Charge thereof, any Constable or Officer of Constabulary, or any Person residing within the Town, may seize and impound such Cattle, and may detain the same until the Owner thereof pay to the Commissioners a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Shillings besides the reasonable Expenses of impounding and keeping such Cattle; and if the said Penalty and Expenses be not paid within Three Days after such impounding, the Person appointed by the Commissioners for that Purpose may proceed to sell such Cattle, or cause the same to be sold; but previous to such Sale, then Three Days Notice of such intended Sale shall be given by posting such Notice on the Constabulary Barrack, Pound, and other Place (if any) which may be appointed by the Commissioners for that Purpose, and the Money arising from such Sale, after deducting the said Sums, and the Expenses aforesaid, and all other Expenses attending the impounding, keeping, and Sale of any such Cattle so impounded, shall be paid to the Commissioners, and shall be by them paid, on Demand, to the Owner of the Cattle so sold.